Oooops, I did it again ….

Sorry Brittany fans, its just me……

I was invited to a “gospel revival” at a Church of Christ and actually went today. The topic was ‘The Music of Revelation’ which found to be very odd for a group of people that do not allow instruments in their sanctuary. Couldn’t resist the option to go.
As per the structure of the church….they open in song. I suppose as a comic gesture, God allowed me the opportunity to catch out of the corner of my eye, the hearing aids worn by the man headed to the front to lead this unaccompanied choir. One had to wonder if his excessive volume was zeal for God or the low battery light flashing behind his ear. 
After 30 minutes of teaching the structure of time and meter, along with the construction of the music staff, and note designations, he went in depth on the grammatical structure of parallelism. This wasn’t nearly as long….. just twenty or so minutes. A quick prayer that algebra wasn’t next.
Feeling nearly naked without my thesaurus we dove headlong into the book of Revelation just shy of the hour and fifteen minute mark. A complete detail of the next 7 days of teachings and the outline of scripture verses generates fifteen minutes of pablum. The he reads ten different verses from Revelation and justifies his theory of music compilation and John’s direct encounter with God. 
The closing was rather textbook – “we are going to close in prayer, but, after the service we have a pitchin (nothing mentioned in the flier or by the person inviting me) …dont feel like you need to bring anything, and as always the new people are welcome”. Ok lets be clear…. of the 49 people in the room, 48 of whom have been going to this church since the invention of television….. it you – the bald guy with tattoos – in the back – dont feel creepy just staaaaaayyyyy….
When will the 501C3 stop this insanity and kneel before YHVH in sincere repentance? 
I am tired of the circus….. 
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