Think about it….

Repentance. From what are we to repent? Breaking God’s law?

The word repentance in Hebrew is ‘teshuva’, and it means ‘to return’. So if we are to return from breaking the law, to what are we returning? May I suggest that it’s to keeping the law?

Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness. – 1 John 3:4

While some would say that repentance is being sorry, I must ask – are we ‘sorry’ enough for breaking His laws to attempt to learn and keep/practice (guard) them? If not, how sorry are we, really?

The question then arises, “What if I stumble?”.

If we are ‘walking in grace’ as lawless folks, how much more would we trust His grace to catch us if we stumble while pursuing obedience? Friends and brethren, grace was never meant to be an excuse for sin – but a safety net. We are to walk the narrow path knowing that our God has lined the shoulders of the road with His grace if we misstep.

Are we walking a narrow path – or are we on a broad road that allows us to ignore God’s instructions/law?

Who are we really trying to please?

Do we want our ways to be like God’s ways? What DID Jesus/Yeshua do?

If we love Him, is there anything we would not do – not try to do for Him? Do we want to be set-apart? Or do we want to be friends with the world?

Do we truly love Him?

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