Jon McPheron is a man from Indiana who is passionate about Jesus and the true understanding of God’s Holy written word; the Bible. He will challenge the status quo of what you may have been brought up learning in Sunday School and from religious leaders.

“First let me say that I am a mere human being that was born into a sinful nature and only by the grace of God almighty and the salvation found in Jesus Christ will I be found acceptable. I pray that you take my words as one weary travelers discoveries and that my intentions are not point fingers at any one denomination or belief system.

My life experience has shown me the detailed workings of the Protestant Church to include my participation in seminary and collegiate Bible training, the complete catechism of the Catholic Church and a review of the Quran. None of these were capable of answering many nagging questions concerning the scriptures.

After 40 years of “church life” I stopped following the crowds and began a study of the scriptures in the original Hebrew and Greek. Paralleling events in history with the scriptures and deciphering the effects of these events on the lives and theology of the believers.

I pray that the information provided here has a three fold effect: 1. provide truth not otherwise provided by the corporate church experience 2. Answer questions that others are either afraid to ask or afraid to answer, and last but not least, 3. bring people to a saving relationship and closer walk with YHVH.” ~ Jon McPheron

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