A Christian professor once said. "The gospel is the record of what God has done. The gospel is NOT a record of what God has done, or will do, in us. The gospel is a record of what God has done outside, or despite, of us. The gospel is about what God has done through... Continue Reading →

Thinking on 1John 3:3-6

1 John 3:3-6 And every man that hath this hope [what hope?] in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure. (an act of cleansing) Whosoever committeth sin [1] transgresseth also the law [2]: for sin [1] is the transgression of the law [2]. And ye know that he was manifested to take away our... Continue Reading →

They know not what they do… pt.2

Marcus Terentius Varro (116-27 BCE), one of ancient Rome's greatest scholars and a prolific author, defined feriae as "days instituted for the sake of the gods." Religious rites were performed on the feriae, and public business was suspended. Even slaves were supposed to be given some form of rest. I would imagine most people would respond to the previous fact with... Continue Reading →

They know not what they do…

As I sit and debate within, the compelling urge to act based on years of tradition; should I concede to the peer-pressure and parade my wife about town? After all, she is the mother of my child. Having grown up without my biological father, while simultaneously living (for a brief time) with an alcoholic and... Continue Reading →

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