Consider this …. 4.29.2022 edition

Tonight, for probably the 400th time, I sat and listened to Daniel chapter 2 explained. I have heard every televangelist and radio sermon I could find (or stomach) on the image, and the imagry, of Daniel. The standard empire building from Babylon to Medo-Persia to Greece to Rome analogy... time and time again. No difference... Continue Reading →


I am looking for ideas on my next topic or a book for an in-depth study. Are there any requests or questions that should be studied?

Consider This…. 4.20.22 edition

"The reason why the primary body (soul) is eternal and not subject to increase or diminution, but unchanging, unaltered and unmodified are clearly seen. For all men have some conceptions of God and nature agreeing in the allotting of the highest place to Deity; Surely because they suppose that the immortal is linked to the... Continue Reading →

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