Consider This…. 4.20.22 edition

“The reason why the primary body (soul) is eternal and not subject to increase or diminution, but unchanging, unaltered and unmodified are clearly seen. For all men have some conceptions of God and nature agreeing in the allotting of the highest place to Deity; Surely because they suppose that the immortal is linked to the immortal and to regard any other supposition is inconceivable.” ~ Aristotle

Aristotle lived in and about 390 BCE, almost the exact same time God removed his presence from the Hebrew nation. He studied at the feet (literally) of Plato and knew of Pythagoras, Socrates and the other deep intellectuals of that era. They regularly met to discuss and debate theology, politics, education, and the sciences.

From these conversations came their subsequent recordings of which the benefits we continually reap in our own existence. The text of these discussions are found in our Constitution, our classrooms, and yes even in our modern Bible.

One thing I find inescapable in these conversations; the absolute belief that The King of Kings, the Almighty, YHWH ….. “God” ……IS. He lives. He created it all and controls it all. See what Aristotle pens PRIOR to the statement earlier……

“These premises (creation/earth/man) clearly give the conclusion that there is in nature some Bodily Substance other than the formations we know, prior to them all, and more divine than they.”

The evidence for God and His existence far outweigh any attempt to discredit or denounce. These men knew nothing of Jesus Christ as He was still nearly 4 centuries later, but they could not deny the truth, and they could see no other way for our own formation without there being The God of all the Universe.

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