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I am in a deep study of the Kingdom of Heaven... Isaiah's Prophecy and the end of this earth age.... please pray for protection I know the enemy will be here to attack

Consider this … 2.06.2022 edition

This week has produced some close calls and some bizarre tragic endings for people around me. One battled pneumonia while another was stuck in a blizzard. Then there was news of the man that had one sister die in the New England area on Tuesday and the other sister in Florida dies Wednesday. Sad part... Continue Reading →

Consider this… 2.02.2022 edition

Is history repeating itself? Will it ? For those that do not know the history of the church… During the years of Paul's writings to the faithful, the Roman Senate is in massive disarray and factions are forming all across the conquered lands… - in 64 A. D. Emperor Nero burns Rome and blames it... Continue Reading →

Consider this … 2.01.2022

Israel is not just a territory. Israel is Jacob and all of his household, whether natural born or a sojourner. YHWH speaking to the House of Israel - Numbers 15:16 "One law* and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you." They are not living in the land/territory titled... Continue Reading →

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