That’s an awfully big ‘but’

John 1:17 "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." There exists within theology the concept of dispensational replacement theology. I can only imagine, for some, definitions are in need. Dispensationalism = the interpreting of history as a series of divine dispensations. Dispensation = a certain order, system, or arrangement;... Continue Reading →

The truth about “the Law”

Preface: I have recently come to the knowledge: some friends of mine are avoiding me because I teach "the Law". For the last several years What I have been teaching are the same scriptures they have been reading for ten, twenty, and in some cases more than thirty years. The problem they are having currently... Continue Reading →


I am going to coin a new phrase…. just remember you heard it here first…. Nano~Brain This is the systematic destruction of the long term ability to focus. This destruction of focus, to include constructive reasoning, has been purposefully implemented. Since 1992 the increase in ADHD cases has increased nearly 50%, according to the CDC,... Continue Reading →

Savior AND Lord

Everyone is willing to call Him Savior but few are willing to call Him LORD People talk a good game... many never follow through... Americans are weak... the sportsball hulks are not the strength the Bible speaks of.... Psalm 147:10-11 "He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the... Continue Reading →

Heavenly Minded Chapter 1

Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good Getting to know Joe      “Pastor Joe are you in there? Hey, Pastor Joe are you in there?” Joe could hear the sound of familiar voices in the distance. Realizing he had fallen asleep at his desk Joe lifted his head, the moist notebook paper beneath his face clinging, then, gently... Continue Reading →

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