I am going to coin a new phrase…. just remember you heard it here first….


This is the systematic destruction of the long term ability to focus. This destruction of focus, to include constructive reasoning, has been purposefully implemented.

Since 1992 the increase in ADHD cases has increased nearly 50%, according to the CDC, up from 6.1% to nearly 9.4%. (This post isnt about those afflicted with ADHD specifically … it is the only measurable parallel) Why would 1992 make a difference?

In 1992 the very first text message was successfully recorded. This was the catalyst for the social media explosion to follow. It is in this arena that people begin to demand more content in smaller doses.

The overall attention span of a human today can be broken into nano seconds. Flash decisions are made on dating sites and posts made by friends…. if it isnt on your mind at that moment… it gets swiped right or left, up or down and your brain tries to disengage and re-engage in literal blinks of the eye… no ponderance towards what or why that message was conveyed…

this post will probably be dismissed by the vast majority because it involves more than a nanosecond to read….

the average human has become too short… too short on focus, too short on meditation, to short on sleep, too short with one another…. and all I can think is ….its due to the nano-brain society that has been created….

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