Consider this … 06.20.2022 edition

72 virgins when you sacrifice yourself for the betterment of Islam? … anyone ever wonder how they came up with that non-sense? One would have to go back close to 10,000 years to King Gilgamesh and his demise. Funny thing about him and many others having claims on deity. Thinking themselves to be gods, these... Continue Reading →

Godly or Greek

The phrase "it's all Greek to me" is an American phrase [possibly reaching farther than just America] that means a person who does not understand. When Alexander the Great conquered much of the known world, they too, were without linguistic understanding. The Greek conquest so shook the world that many had no other choice than... Continue Reading →

Consider this … 06.02.2022 edition

Everyday (it would seem) there is someone that asks me what is on my mind..... Lets be clear.... no one has that kind of time.... but, to humor them, here is one.... In my attempt to spend a decent amount of time searching for the truth and the presence of God in this world.... the... Continue Reading →

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