Consider this … 06.02.2022 edition

Everyday (it would seem) there is someone that asks me what is on my mind….. Lets be clear…. no one has that kind of time…. but, to humor them, here is one….

In my attempt to spend a decent amount of time searching for the truth and the presence of God in this world…. the world is spending an inordinate amount of time denying His existence ….

…the evidence is overwhelming for his existence and despite this, all the more, mankind tries harder to deny it …. and so too, all the more, He will, and does, reveal His power….

until He has had enough….

the power of men is as insignificant as gnat; the intelligence of mankind is so weak the two most intelligent humans to ever live…. Einstein (confessed his own lack) and King Solomon (everything is like chasing the wind) ..

…both begged to know the thoughts of God, as their own thoughts would surely not measure up!

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