The right to love….

God is love. The phrase rolls off the tongue fairly easy for all. Even those opposed to God have used it in their own defense when in debate about issues such as those in the current media. The thought missed by both sides is this: God is so much more than love. His essence is purity, perfection, flawless never ending benevolence, merciful enduring steadfastness. Gods own description of himself to Moses was “I am”!

“I am” means I am love, I am here, I am now, I am everything, everywhere. If we allow Him the control of our lives He will be “I am IN you”. This is the ultimate goal of all the ages; to get mankind to allow God the complete control of our will or our essence.

The famous song by The Beatles “All you need is Love” was almost an instant number 1 on the charts and considering the first sentence herein it is no wonder why. All I need, all you need is God. As simplistic as that sounds it is 100% correct. All we need is the multifaceted essence of God to control our existence. The snag generally comes when we discover the purity of God. His relentless desire for perfection is in constant conflict with our will.

This epic battle between God’s perfection and our will, or conscience decision making, has not always existed. There was a point in time in which we were on track with Gods will and our will did not oppose purity. When Adam and Eve walked directly with God in the Garden of Eden they had no knowledge of dissention. It was only through the temptation of Satan that they would discover the need to control their own directions.

In like manner the people of the world have used this principle to abstract the design of His perfect creation to sway public opinion towards love. Before the current “gay rights” or “same sex” movement and before 1960’s love fests there was the desire to be a sexual person. God commanded that Adam and Eve fill the Earth. Likewise he commanded those that left the Ark to be fruitful and multiply.

There is no argument on my part towards the idea that God made us with the desire to have sex and display the love we have for another person. The part where it gets off track from God is in the willful desire to break the power of perfected design in His created being. The Bible says there was no help found for Adam and Gods answer to this situation was Eve. Eve complimented every character trait Adam had been given by God. She was by design the necessary part of the puzzle to create the complete picture of humankind.

The two were created from the same DNA, their construction “fit” together perfectly, not only in the physical, but in every aspect of emotion, communication, function and precept. They lived harmoniously with each other.

My great grand parents lived together 62 years in marriage to each other, an amazing accomplishment! During many conversations they had the ability to complete each other’s sentences. There was not a time that I could recall where either would say “go check with Grandpa/Grandma” as they were on the same page and already knew the answer to be given. They knew each other at their essence through many years of devotion to one another.

This devotion and dedication to learning each other was not by some accident. It was through the design of God himself. He wanted us to accept the gift of marriage as a permanent covenant or mindset towards living in harmonious relationship with Him! This is the part of the wedding ceremony where the minister says “what God has joined together let NO man put asunder”. That declaration includes the two that are getting married!

The Bible says “Greater love has no one except that he lay down his life for another”, this is not only a suggestion, it is an example demonstrated by God himself through His son Jesus Christ for us to live. Repeatedly through the Scriptures we see the “church”, the people of God, described as the bride and Jesus as the Bridegroom. Jesus paid for all our transgressions, our sins, our wrong doings by laying down His life in the empty accusations of the Jews and the subsequent death and resurrection.

It will matter not to me which side of the current debate you find yourself, it will, matter greatly to God. Despite the Supreme (now Subverted) Courts ruling, the homosexual community has never and will never have the “right” to live in opposition to the Perfect Creator YHWH. The laws of mankind will never usurp the law of God.
I am in full agreement that the desire to be “in love” resides in every human and it is difficult to “find love”. The reason lies again in our own willfulness; we seek out that which we desire and in that pursuit we must be connected to God and His perfection. The result of being disconnected from God is the open door Satan needs and uses to inspire any misconception possible to divert the intended outcome of Gods perfect design.

All too often we see people seeking out their own destiny in relationships through modern technology, apps or websites; these have replaced the age old bar hopping and blind dates. Every one of these approaches result in mankind owning the controls of the search for that one person we choose to pursue “in love”. Having done this myself for the entirety of my high school and post school years I can attest to its flawed and dangerous outcomes. Not that I am willing to wear this label ever again, I have been divorced or I divorced another. This moniker should not only include the one prior marriage, but too, all the women in which I had either stated my affections or displayed or even consummated with, those affections, as we are now no longer in any type of relationship (ie. community).

Humans were created to be in relationship to one another with marriage and sexual connection to be a sacred and separate communion for an eternal commitment. It was never designed as a screening process to see whom we could find to fit our concepts best. It was designed as a special gift for the one God chose to craft and deliver to us. I now experience this with my wife of more than 20 years. It was only after “giving up” on love and taking away my willful desires of finding Mrs. Right and allowing God to deliver to me the gift of my own personal Eve. Praise God forever!
What does this mean for mankind now that they have made their own laws on the subject?

First do not be swayed or intimidated by sin, do not allow Satan to control your will, thoughts or mindset towards Gods perfection in creation. Teach those around you that relationships are found THROUGH Gods perfect love. That ONLY through His perfect love will you find the soulmate you desire and that He will supply that perfectly created Eve for you.

In Love, and through His love, may you and I learn to Love perfectly….

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  1. Choices have consequences – the choice to follow the commands results in good consequences. When a woman I know, confronted me with the Commandment to honor my parents many years ago now, I was humiliated at being exposed, and chose to obediently change my interactions with them accordingly. The blessings of great relationships were, literally, immediate and abundant! I had lived resentfully for decades due to perceived wrongs and it was the choice to be humble and obedient that changed everything! He restored the years the locusts had eaten – literal fulfillment in my life! Wish they were still here!

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