A quick thought….

To be perfectly honest …. I am under some intense pressure at the moment and I am in need of prayer. Maybe a lot of prayer….

Like anyone I have the usual job, financial and family woes…. But here lately…. There is a very real ‘funk’ surrounding human beings. The genuine disregard for (what used to be) common courtesy and the ability to converse over a topic.

Maybe it is a post Covid phenomenon that will come back in vogue? Or as the Bible predicted… “the love of many shall wax cold.”?

In either case, the current state of affairs has me spiraling towards disconnecting completely from society. That might not be all that bad really…. Doesn’t Paul teach the avoidance of evil?

It seems to me, in many public instances, when trying to discuss things of monumental importance people want to either disengage from the conversation or try to divert and make a joke of it.

People will even call themselves ‘stupid’ in an attempt to end the conversation. Here is where I try to ‘right the boat’ and ask if they have ever spent serious time studying the matter. When they confess a No then I remind them they are just unlearned in the matter. Hoping above all hopes that these people take what I say home to study.

Here again is a deeper issue…. More than a handful of these people have processed themselves as ‘minister’, ‘apostle’, ‘preacher’, ‘elder’, and ‘deacon’ of some mega church (over 1000 member) around the way.

We are all on the journey I suppose… and I don’t have all the answers…..

That is why the scripture says iron sharpens iron… it is the intentional interaction of sold out disciples pouring over the scripture!

It is Acts 17:11 !

It is 2Timothy 2:15!

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