Consider this…. 05.05.2022 edition

So … many people are knee-deep in guacamole and margaritas?

Why are you celebrating an event who’s nationality (which is not your nationality btw)…of whom only 5 to 15% of the population celebrate???

Why are Americans so wound up over The 5th of May? Are we so distraught still from our April 15th tax pillage that have need to excuse our way into a drinking binge?

Seriously folks…. why do we participate in an obviously Sovereign national event dedicated to any other nation and not our own?

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence. It was a Mexican victory in a war Mexico eventually lost to France. The U.S. had to finish the job for Mexico by giving France the boot.

Nothing waters down patriotism like the confusion of dedications to foreign conquests being admired by the locals. (See any dynasty from Akkadian to the Romans)

I know (sarcasm alert) …. let’s all get giddy and ridiculous over the prince and princess a) getting married, b) having sex… I mean a child, c) anything in charities …. the national news fawns like the idol worshiper they are… over anything “royal” … why!?

Didn’t we kick those fascists to the curb 250 years ago for making our lives hell? They forced slavery on the colonies to up the profits for their empires and could care less if we, or the slaves, were killed or diseased or starving… they wanted their tribute (tax) … period.

How about we join in to all things US. Us the people of U.S. of A. Whether that is focusing on the 4th of July and the thousands of people that put their lives on the line for our freedom to live…. or

Maybe it is the pick a day in the month of whatever works for you …at a church picnic, or celebrations of baptism…. or at Aunt Sally’s 90 birthday where you find out she volunteered for the service medical corps….

Maybe it’s going to a friends wedding and seeing the opportunity for two people to freely bring their families together and publicly share their special day….

There is plenty to celebrate right here in own back yard…. we need to celebrate the ones we love …. we need to celebrate the ones that died for freedom…. we need to celebrate us.

First thank God, then thank a vet, then thank your family, friends and neighbors ….that should keep you busy all year and not just one day here or there….

Group of children posing with raised hands isolated in white

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