Consider this… 1.14.2022 edition

Tonight we laid to rest our little buddy Brody. He was a rescue from a shelter and has previously been featured on this site. He was a faithful companion.

As I lay on the floor with him for the last time I told him “if there is a Heaven for dogs… you are on your way.”

Unlike my lack of assurance for dogs and Heaven, I know without hesitation, there is a place for mankind in Heaven. This is the Gospel. A Promise eternal.

God himself, in the man Yeshua, said to the disciples… “I go and prepare a place for you.” One promise for all of mankind.

This I know… no matter how painful life can be… there is rest and then there victory. The old hymn “Victory! In Jesus my savior forever… he sought then he bought me .. with His redeeming blood. He loved me err I knew Him and all love is due Him.”

I can’t imagine the pain of not knowing my Master … or hearing those same words … “Heaven, you are on your way… enter in good and faithful servant.”

They say dogs are man’s best friend… they might really be man’s best example.

Thank you Abba for loaning me Brody and for him teaching this old dog something new…

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