Consider this .. 12.18.2021 edition

The Exodus of the Israelites from the land of Egypt here’s a visual story for us today.

First we have salvation by the blood of the lamb.

And, as Paul writes in the New Testament, it was not of themselves but by the hand of God so that no one else could boast.

What happen next you ask?

They were given a set of instructions and then God walked with them for 40 years to teach those same instructions.

Is that what we do today?

After 40 years of attending the local brick and mortar church, I have found the weekly meeting to be nothing more than a constant retelling of salvation. And, at the same time, hearing very little to nothing about the instructions once I have understood and accepted salvation.

Jesus himself said he came to teach Torah, as did Paul. (Romans 3:31)

Why won’t the brick and mortar church teach Torah?

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