The Past is a Present for your Future

The pictures that will follow are a vivid reminder of who I am and where I learned much.

Great Grandad Roy 1968

This man propped me up, not only here in the photo, also in my mindset and behavior. Grandpa Roy owner his own auto glass business, had a full farm with animals, raised children and was an active member of the community.

I learned early on the value of time, as well as money, moreover I learned the value of humanity.

Grandads chair

There is a poem by Rudyard Kipling “My Fathers Chair” detailing personal character. Grandads chair was no different. I can remember the smell of the leather, the squeaky noise my patent leather shoes made against it, but most of all was the time spent snuggling up to that bear sized man.

1st birthday 1968

You can see the joy in my face, not just the cake, but real happiness from a home filled with love and discipline.

This was the foundation that brought me through some very terrible times (1969-1980) that many children might never recover.

While it did take me until my 30’s to sort it all out, the things that were founded in my early ages came roaring to the surface.

Married at 25 – Business owner at 28 – Father at 39 (later than most oh well)

The point is this: I can draw real education from my past. My

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