Churchianity’s 10 commandments

Churchanity’s Ten Commandments

1 – Jesus said, “I did not come to abolish the law, I come to abolish it.”

2 – Thou shall honor the Sabbath by going shopping.

3 – Because Jesus died for your sins, you can sin all you want without losing your salvation.

4 – The more you tithe to the church, the more prosperous you will be.

5 – Replace God’s holy days with man-made holidays based on pagan festivals.

6 – Don’t help the needy and disabled when their government and family should have it covered.

7 – We don’t eat dog, cat, horse, and monkey because God commanded it, however we will eat pig because it is yummy.

8 – Believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, so that you don’t have to stick around and help others get saved.

9 – Do not worship any idols except for celebrities and social media.

10 – Believe everything you hear without testing it with the Bible, because your pastor is never wrong.

Thanks goes to Website Grafted In

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