Human Ages and Earth Ages

When we look at the creation story we can see that Adam and Eve were capable of producing offspring from the very beginning. This means that they would have been created with some sort of age assigned to them. We can give that age a number,  it may have been 13 or 14, just old enough to procreate, but for an example let’s just say, 20 years old. This is the “age of reason” in the Hebrew culture.

With that information in mind let us look at the battle between Christianity and science.

Typically Christianity wants to define the age of the earth according to the creation story. This is easy to conclude through mathematic; that the number of years from present day to the creation of Adam is about 6000 years +/- .

Science wants to stage, or age, things according to some cryptic carbon dating synopsis. The science community wants that age in the millions and millions, or thousands, and hundreds of thousands, or even billions of years old.

Would it be smart for those of us in the christian community to concede some of that to the scientist, in as much as it is possible, to say that that rock formation or that fossilized bone or that tree trunk that you found petrified is X number of years old?

Even if it is beyond that 6000 year figure?

The only reason we would concede to them in that manner is based on the same premise as Adam and Eve. The first family having been created at a certain age this would give God the open opportunity to create a tree at an age appropriate to the density and the mass of the tree.

I know that certain trees take upwards of 40 and 50 years to get to substantial size, so, if he said “all right I’m creating this one at 1000 years old” on day one, would it not give to reason that the scientist age measurement philosophy is potentially correct?

My thought is at the end of the day do I really need to argue with the scientific perspective and risk putting God into a box?  Or do I allow the scientist to express his understanding of that time and show him the majesty of the creator that made it happen.?

The God and Creator that I know can make all things happen and did so for his pleasure!

This line of thinking also helps ease the conflict between the groups discussing multiple earth ages. And here is how….  again it allows for the magnificence of God to create in sequential order, or in definitive order, as where he sees fit.

In this way the reader can look at Genesis 1:1 and genesis 1:2 as a conversation and not as a direct and linear progression of creation.

Having been, and continuing on as a writer, I understand relating information based on a conversation. Looking at those verses as if Moses is penning this conversation some time after the fact we can see the meaning.

Whether his writing was immediately after the conversation occurred  wouldn’t matter. He would’ve began his writings according to that conversation this means God is stating to him I created the entire world and then at some point it became desolate. [tohoo abohoo]

God would have made the world totally desolate in the form of the flood. Again we have to look at this conversationally and Moses says oh wait what happened between the time you created the world and the flood? So we get the narrative of Genesis chapters two through five and then they pick up the conversation again in Genesis six.

This defeats the need to have a fully functioning planet completely wiped out and another fully functioning planet re-created in the to earth age theory.


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  1. Conceding to an Evolutionist is tantamount to conceding to all of evolution (“See!? Even that Creationist believes the Earth is billions of years old – plenty of time for us to evolve from rocks!”). There is no science behind their theory and if they were honest, they would concede that established scientific theories (2d Law of Thermodynamics, microbiology, fossil record, geologic column, etc.) negates their theory of evolution and actually are consistent with creationism. They need us to give their theory credibility . . . we do not need them to have faith that Yahweh created all things, no matter how long it took Him to do it or what order he choose to do it


    1. This really isn’t as much conceding as it is an opportunity to explain the power of YHVH.

      He (YHVH) is more than capable of producing a million year old fossil, tree, whatever…. on day one….. and in His infinite wisdom He would have done just a thing…. if not only to baffle and perplex man for ages and ages … to get man to search for answers and ultimately search for Him…

      just a thought brother…. also

      in giving them their ’12 seconds of fame’ and saying yes that tree could be a million years old ….. I wonder if this sort of issue is what Paul describes for us in Romans….

      ” And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, ”

      I know that chapter speaks heavily on sexual misconduct…. but…. the premise is the same… being ‘full’ of themselves YHVH knew there was no getting through to them…. much in the same way He reasoned with Cain,.,,,,, Cain was dead set (pun intended) on doing his own thing ….these folks are the same …. “denying God”


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