Think about it

What is the construct of the Bible… have you really thought about it?

What does it show us?

Genesis to Deuteronomy has been labeled by the Romans as “The Law”. While the modern day Jew calls it the The law of Moses. But what does YHVH call it? … Instructions

These are His instructions… to His people… to the people who claim His leadership… to the called out, set apart, preparing for redemption, His ekklesia

Then we have the books Joshua to Job detailing for us the actions of the people/ekklesia … their actions are a constant and expanding walk away from the instructions provided in the prior chapters….

Psalms to Solomon we see the emotional roller coaster and personal epiphanies surrounding the actions of living outside of the instructions….

Next comes the prophets… whether it is Isaiah or Obadiah, Zephaniah or Zechariah… it doesn’t matter…. they ALL tell the people/ekklesia to return to the instructions of YHVH!

We see a 400 “hold” placed in the Bible we hold today yet there were things going on that held the ekklesia together. The Romans placed these writings into a category and told the modern era church not to bother with them. So they didn’t. These should be investigated at the very least. A topic for another time.

The 4 eye witness accounts of the life of Yeshua Messiah are next. This is the Creator coming to earth and living His life exactly the way the instructions of Genesis-Deuteronomy are written. Yeshua obeyed every command without exception and then told us the same was not impossible. He said his doctrine was straight from the Creator and that it was profitable for our lives. Finally, He said that none of the instructions were going to change or go away.

The book of Acts shows us that the men Yeshua took under his teachings went and taught the exact same instructions!

The letters to the churches and to the people learning from the Apostles are replete with the call to return to the instructions of the Torah. This what is meant to live like (in the same manner of) Yeshua Messiah.

The Messiah did not follow man made traditions or a Roman calendar. There was no accommodation made for “holidays” which were rooted in solar or lunar deification or human exaltation.

The final book explains the actions taken to awaken those that are uninformed and to shake those who are rebellious to the Creators instructions.

Yeshua came to teach the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a return to the Garden which was the place where YHVH and men resided side by side with relationship. There were instructions for proper living then as there has always been and will be in the future. They are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Baruch HaShem Adonai

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  1. The ‘OT’ or Tanakh was/is divided into Torah (instructions), Prophets, and Writings for simplicity, but there is much prophecy in the Writings, as well. Regardless, it’s all about man’s inability to keep the rules of the Father’s House.


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