72 Virgins…

72 virgins when you sacrifice yourself for the betterment of Islam? … anyone ever wonder how they came up with that non-sense?

One would have to go back close to 10,000 years to King Gilgamesh and his demise. Funny thing about him and many others having claims on deity. Thinking themselves to be gods, these kings of old or what the bible calls “giants, men of renowned” …they are all dead as door nails.

Gilgamesh (pictured below) was found dead and when the people read his “will” or final wishes he wanted his entire “court” buried with him. His attending “court” was actually a harem of virgins and eunuchs and they were not dead, or even sickly, when Gilgamesh died. Longer story shortened, they were killed and neatly wrapped in funeral cloth and buried with him.

This bizarre practice quickly dissolved as many did not want to be in the kings court knowing what would become of them. These discoveries are found in the clay tablets written in cuneiform from the Mesopotamian dig sites in Iraq/Iran.

This bizarre practice was what enticed Mohammed to include it in the Islam practice to further entice and incite his violent wishes to destroy Israel and all non-muslim beliefs.

This begs the question; knowing this as a part of your cultural history, why would you continue to buy the lie?


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