Psalms 101:8

Psalm 101:8 King James Version (KJV)

I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Lord.

From the KJV (with Strong’s ref):

Ps 101:8 “I will early H1242 destroy H6789 all the wicked H7563 of the land H776; that I may cut off H3772 all wicked H205 doers H6466 from the city H5892 of the LORD H3068.”

  • H1242 בֹּקֶר boqer (bo’-ker) n-m.  (properly) dawn (as the break of day).
  • H6789 צָמַת tsamath (tsaw-math’) v. to extirpate (literally or figuratively).
  • H7563 רָשָׁע rasha` (raw-shaw’) adj. immoral, morally wrong.
  • H776 אֶרֶץ ‘erets (eh’-rets) n-f.  The Land (at large), the domain so named by Yahweh. The earth.
  • H3772 כָּרַת karath (kaw-rath’) v. 1. to cut (off, down or asunder). 2. (by implication) to destroy or consume.
  • H205 אָוֶן ‘aven (aw-ven’) n-m. 1. (strictly) nothingness. 2. (also) trouble, vanity,  wickedness. 3. (specifically) an idol.
  • H6466 פָּעַל pa`al (paw-al’) v. to do or make (systematically and habitually), especially to practise.
  • H5892 עִיר `iyr (eer) n-m.  (especially) (the holy) city, Jerusalem (the city of David, where Yahweh placed his name).
  • H3068 יְהוָֹה Yhovah (yeh-ho-vaw’) the self-Existent or Eternal, the I AM.

Here is what this says to me…..

“Breaking forth to eradicate the immoral from the world created by YHVH, because they practice empty idol worship, and this will not be allowed within the Holy City of YHVH.”

This is telling me about the future found in Revelation. fire-horse-2492947_1280

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