Matthew 14:16-21

Matthew 14:16-21 Fishes and Loaves

16 But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat.

17 And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes.

18 He said, Bring them hither to me.

19 And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.

20 And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.

21 And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children.

The five loaves represent the 5 books of the Torah while the 2 fish equal the two Houses of Israel. The 5,000 is a combination of the 5th element of 7 fold Doctrine of Creation which is Yeshua marked by the Nail and the promise of the covenant to the 1000 generations. The 12 baskets show the fullness of the 12 tribes in the covenant.


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