Genesis 2:7,8,15 ..The man and the garden

And the Lord God formed man of the dust (הָֽאָדָ֗ם  hā-’ā-ḏām) of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

In order to become a living creature, and more specifically a HUMAN living creature, he had to be injected with life. And this life, “chayyim”, was accomplished by means of God supernaturally breathing it into him. “Chayyim” is a masculine plural noun just as Elohim is, so then, one can translate that short phrase as “the breath of LIFES”.

The Hebrew word used for breathing is “naphach” and it is a root word that is the essence of: breath, breathing, and being, as in a living being, are something ethereal. Something NOT physical has caused it. Something that comes from outside the physical realm, from outside the 4 dimensional universe in which we live, is the enabler.

God is the source of life; in fact life is IN God……life is one of His attributes. So to this point life is NOT exclusive to humans. Life was put into all of God’s living creatures, by God Himself, as an act of the divine will. Theologians have had for many centuries  tried to decide “if the soul, generally acknowledged as the seat or essence of life, is the same thing as spirit; or if spirit and soul are two different things?”

We can see separate attributes, both coming from God, both coming from a dimension outside of our Universe. That unique ability comes from the spirit-life, which is somewhat different than the soul-life. The soul-life is what gives animation…..basic life. God is spirit and the way we are told that we commune with God is by means of the spirit.

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

East has great spiritual significance. It is almost always associated with holiness, and it is a key for us to gain deeper knowledge of God’s truths. The Garden of Eden is not the same thing as the Land of Eden, or, just Eden. The Land of Eden is a large regional area, which has definite boundaries. The Garden of Eden is a specific and separate area, also with boundaries, located WITHIN the Land of Eden.

Adam; he was not created inside the Garden, he was created outside the Garden and subsequently placed into it. So God brought man from a good place, the Land of Eden, into a better place the Garden of Eden. A place of very close relationship with Him. And that’s just what God wants to do with us; He wants to bring us from a place that often SEEMS sufficient, at least outwardly, for our needs and to set us down upon a Holy place.

In fact He wants a connection with us that is almost too fantastic to comprehend: He wants to dwell inside of us! The word “Eden” is translated as “delight” and contains the Hebrew letters ayin, dalet, nun sofit. In the Paleo or Pictographic Hebrew this is “the visible {ayin} pathway/doorway {dalet} to the Messiah {nun sofit}


15 And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

On the surface one could say this was all about the NEED for a gardener; that is until one has a gardener to care for the garden you can’t have plants or they will not thrive. This places God in the position of depending on man in order for God to even have a garden. God NEVER depends on man, He will make use of a willing man, one who has already committed to His plan.

In verses 9-14 we can see that all of the plant life God created was FOR man’s benefit. Plants were to be man’s sole food supply; man was to be a plant eater. Why have a garden if there wasn’t a man to eat the produce? It would be a waste. Until there was a man who needed the resulting purpose of the plant life, in order to eat and sustain human life, there was no need for plant life.

The terms “to dress it and to keep it” is from the Hebrew word “Shamar” to tend, protect, watch over or defend at all costs. The root of that word is “SH’MA” meaning to hear, trust and obey the voice of the Lord God and act accordingly.

Are the people today that claim the protection of God willing to do the same of His commands. To guard, protect and defend at all costs? Are they willing to hear, trust and obey?


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  1. Observation: all creation ‘groans’. Doesn’t this mean that everything in the universe has some form of ‘life’? Not like mankind made in YHWH’s image, but life of some kind.


    1. I believe so… I talk to my plants… to the sky… and many other things people would call objects


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