Romans 1:5 – I was a dog without a bone

Romans 1:5 – “I was a dog without a bone”

 “By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:”

Stopping to look intently into this scripture, realizing there was something very profound in small sections of these words. Breaking them down to these sections we can see the profound message.

By whom (This is YHWH) we have:

1. received grace – this is His enormous love excusing us from our prior transgressions through the life, death and resurrection of Yahshua .

2.apostleship – an ambassador of the Gospel or the beauty of His grace. [The statement above]

3.for obedience to the faith – this is our life lived according to the Torah

4.among all nations – to example to the rest of the world what a set apart life looks like…

5. for his name: – exposing who the people of YHWH are verse those that do not have faith in the Creator, Almighty, Elohim, so they too can seek him out.

I had to simplify it to my own mind. I have an American Boxer, he is a fawn colored meatball with a tongue like a boat oar. Brody was abandoned by his owners and was captured running the streets. When they found him he was 40 pounds with battle scars and severe case of pneumonia. We adopted him at the shelter, took him to the vet, nursed him back to health and gave him a home.

During the first 6 to 8 weeks after we brought him home Brody would find the occasion to bolt out the door to run the streets again. Fortunately my daughter and I were fleet of foot and we would bring him back to our home. Now some three years later he has no desire to run off as he sees our home quite differently than that abusive situation he started in.

Today Brody is willing to sit, speak, stay, lay down or rollover upon command. He will protect our home against salespeople, mail delivery, squirrels and a host of shadowy imaginations. He listens to his master’s instructions because of the grace he was shown in his salvation from sickness, peril and certain death.

I too was once a dog without a bone…..

Just because we are at the top of the food chain on this plane called Earth, does not make life more complex than that of my little buddy Brody. Living out my Master’s instructions just lets Him know how much I love Him and appreciate His saving grace, His glorious bounty and His love for me. That’s why He adopted me from the world.


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