Consider this … 1.8.2022 edition

Babylon- a multipurpose name for the center of power for the Antichrist.

From the Hebrew words Bab = house, and el = gods or mighty men, and finally eon = of eternal

The tower of Bab’el was an enshrinement to the fallen angels where the worship of Antichrist was taught.

Throughout the millennia the location of Babylon has changed according to the controlling false prophet. In the days of Noah it was Nod …, Abraham left Ur because it was the Babylon of his day.. but Egypt, oh my!

Egypt had a special grip on the eternal false god worship… they were over-achiever’s. They had a god that could violate every tenant of the first 2 commands. It was the detailed art of god invention that solidified Egyptian piety. They gods for every season… every animal, body of water, and every human condition. They had a god for conception and one against, one for the mother and one for the midwife! On and on it went.

The one thing that remains constant after thousands of years and all the invaders? From the Assyrians to the Hittites, from the Medes and Persians to the Greeks and the Romans. There has always been a false prophet(s) to lead the way for the Antichrist. And these prophets preach a mixed message using YHVH name to promote polytheism.

Note the scripture speaks of both Satan and Babylon falling, being defeated and the eternal flame consuming them.

What is your church teaching? Is it a mixed message of traditions, ancient practices tied to various mighty men? You may say a quick and bold NO! Only to discover things like transubstantiation and it’s origins in Mithraic orders. or that Easter is a 4000 year old Persian fertility festival.

Don’t just read your Bible — investigation into the scripture, with a dictionary – and the history books and really learn about our faith.

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