Right rulings

God has 613 instructions for mankind… the majority of people either dont know them or dont care to follow them…

The Us government has nearly 4.2 million laws….

…”there have been 88,899 federal rules and regulations since 1995 through December 2016, as the chart shows; but “only” 4,312 laws. Another 2,419 proposed rules were in play at year-end 2016.”~ Forbes

“75,000 pages of fine print per year, with more than 5,000 significant sets of rules per year on average, … since 1975 this comes to on the order of 200,000 major rules, using on the order of 800,000 pages of fine print.”`Quora .com

“an apple grower is faced with 5,000 Rules, Forget the Ladder, its the 5,000 regulations just to produce and sell apples that dangerous!”

Sparklers and Bottle Rockets do not represent freedom….

The US has perceived freedom and legislative serfdom by self serving dictators

God has true freedom and a selfless leadership

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