America’s demise

Do you find that ignorance (lack of knowledge) and stupidity (disregard for truth) have a predominate stranglehold on the American population?

I see in this country a prevailing disconnect between those that have core values and those that obviously do not. yet the moral fiber of this country has long been ..

  1. God, 2. Family 3. Service 4. Friendship

America has ignored God and now has legislated him out of Family. Instead teaching of the life of Jesus Christ in houses of worship, the church in America is more concerned about their perception with door greeters and coffee shops.

It is the building of building (creating their own kingdoms) instead of the building of relationship to Jesus. It is the organization of “small groups” that have no one deeply rooted in Scriptures to lead them and thus becomes a holy huddle of self affirmation without true spiritual direction.

The majority of Americans spend more time on the toilet than in the disciplined study of Gods word…’s no wonder the country is headed to the same destination.

Am I striking a chord with anyone? …. should we continue with our Candy Crush Saga life and let the Bruce Genders , BLM and the Antifa followers seek out what is best for America?

How can we….without fighting, looting or killing ….inform a lost and dying world….that their despair and destructive lives are a result of this ignorance, disconnect and disobedience to God?

That strength is found in the life of Christ and not their job, car, home, or knowledge of baseball stats, secular music lyrics or club memberships?

That true internal energy is found in the Scriptures where God speaks His power into our lives and not in a can of Red Bull?… It doesn’t give you wings…it gives you cancer!

Father God you are most worthy of our praise. You alone are our hope in this world and we ..Your people ..need you now more than ever.

We need you in our hearts, on our minds and on our lips. We need Your holiness, Your witness and most assuredly Your love displayed in our lives.

I pray for forgiveness on behalf of our country as we have abandoned Your ways and Your laws and replaced them with lies. I pray for real leaders to step out in faith and renounce Satan in the public office, schools, and even our churches.

I pray that the name of Jesus Christ be preached in these areas and that the Adversary be defeated and no longer gains a another soul. In the name of Yeshua, Amen.

2 thoughts on “America’s demise

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  1. Outstanding ! Fear God (Study his Word)and obey his laws (Love God,Love others)IS the only answer to the demise. Ecclesiastes 12:13

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