The big ‘what if’

what if…. this is to systematically dismantle the private business sector….who are by nature traditionally conservatives… sending business and employees to the survivors of the “great depression 2.0” ….who will ‘magically’ be federally friendly companies that willingly comply to orders based on unfounded chaos….

what if ….this is designed to financially strap the lower middle class in such a way that they expand the poor class to their increased dependency on federal assistance…. necessitating in massive increase in taxation….

what if …. the only way to dig out of this ‘epidemic frenzy’ is to increase the population ….what do people with nothing better to do than get the “all clear” ….they get bored and then they get frisky….. which …mathematically ….has them all born during the pagan high holy days from Halloween to New Years….. bet that has some heads shaking….

what if ….this is the next progression in the agenda…. and the sheep are following the plan perfectly…..and some of the biggest followers are elected officials….

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