Daniel 9:24-27

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  1. Jesus’ ministry wasn’t 3 1/2 years. That was a later doctrine of the Roman Church – hundreds of years later. Until that doctrine was introduced to support the Roman-Catholic Pope’s 1,000 year reign (long past, huh?) as Jesus returned to reign on earth, prior theologians said nothing about 3 1/2 years! John 6:4 speaks about a Passover “of the Jews”. Hint, Jews wouldn’t have written it that way and John (Yochanon) was a Jew! Jews knew Passover was God’s feast, not theirs. It is a proven later insertion to the text (to make the ministry 3 1/2 years). Jesus’ ministry followed the Feasts of Yehovah (commonly in English, Jehovah) “for about a year” as recorded by theologians for the first few hundred years. It was not 3 1/2 years.


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