Thoughts for the day…

I am continually shocked and amazed by the unprepared, unorganized and undisciplined manner we humans approach life.(I am guilty) Then to claim you have a leadership role, proudly display it on a name tag or office door and act like you are the ultimate authority because of that title!

Who are you? …..Tim, Jill, Jack, Wendy?
Who are you? …..friend, foe, brother, sister?
Who are you? …..mechanic, teacher, author?

What do you do?……Oh I work at ______, or, I am retired, or, I go to school ___?

Would it make a difference if we answered these questions honestly?

Who are you? …. me personally?

I am a mess. I am a defective human that God radically loves, so much so, he has physically (more than once) and spiritually saved my life from destruction.

What do you do? …. not nearly enough to display the immense, overwhelming and constant desire to be grateful…


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  1. Thanks for sharing. We all need to remember how we are and have been broken and to thank God for his salvation and “repairs”. Amen!

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