Romans 6:14 (break down of the Greek)

For G1063 sin G266 shall G2961 not G3756 have dominion over G2961 you G5216: for G1063 ye are G2075 not G3756 under G5259 the law G3551, but G235 under G5259 grace G5485.”

G1063 γάρ gar (ğar’) conj. (properly) assigning a reason.

G266 ἀμαρτία amartia (a-mar-tiy’-a) n.  moral failure

  • 1 John 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the Torah: for sin is the transgression of the Torah.

G2961 κυριεύω kurieuo (kï-riev’-ō) v. to rule.

G3756 οὐ ou (ou) prt. no, not

G2961 κυριεύω kurieuo (kï-riev’-ō) v. to rule. from root G2962 κύριος kurios (kï ’-riy-os) n. supreme authority.

G5216 ὑμῶν humon (hï-mōn’) p:p. of (from or concerning) you.

G2075 ἐστέ este (es-te’) v. ye are, ye belong

G5259 ὑπό hupo (hï-po’) prep. by the means or agency of

G3551 νόμος nomos (no’-mos) n. the Torah-Law

G235 ἀλλά alla (al-la’) conj. nevertheless

G5485 χάρις charis (cha’-ris) n. benevolence

Now read what Paul wrote in the language he wrote it and properly translated.

The reason moral failure, breaking the Torah, will not have supreme authority over you; this reason is you belong (Paul is talking about salvation) not because of the Torah, nevertheless by the agency of benevolence. 

It does not say that the Torah is void or over, it says that our membership, our salvation, is determined in faith and by the benevolence of YHVH. In fact, it means we will live a life of Torah because of the grace shown to us!

Just as christianity currently believes that the action of baptism is a result of the grace we have received, so too, is the actions we take in living (as best we can) a life of Torah.


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