Genesis 13:17 …walking about

Genesis 13:17 “Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee.”

“Chazakah”, the walking the length and breadth of a land, was a widespread legal custom of that era. It was known by many early civilization, the Egyptians, as well as the Hittites, and attested to in their ancient documents.

The concept was that when a piece of property was acquired, the new owner had to walk the perimeter of the entire property, which was symbolic of ‘marking his territory’ if you will. Not until the new owner had done this was the transfer complete. Some cultures even required the king or ruler to walk the perimeter of his kingdom from time-to-time to re-establish his sovereignty over that territory.

There would be no amount of sin or rebellion that Abraham or his descendants could commit to cause God to rescind that covenant, and over and over again the Prophets remind us of that in scripture.

Couple taking a walk holding hands on the beach
Back view of a couple taking a walk holding hands on the beach at sunrise

Reading Ezekiel 36 and 37 we can clearly see the call for House of Israel to live out their responsibility to the covenant.

Yet, for the last several hundred years, much of the Church has said that that covenant no longer exists, and that God has instead disposed of his promise to Abraham and essentially turned it over to gentile Christians, as the New Israel. Nonsense.

Most certainly Yahweh warned that the people would be removed from that land……for a time……because of their lusting after other gods. But, NEVER was it ever going to be permanently taken from them by Yahweh, and THAT is made abundantly clear in the Bible.

American politicians talk about severing the West Bank from the possession of Israel, through tremendous political pressure, and giving that land to the Palestinians as their own sovereign nation; and that in the hope of peace. We even have a large coalition of churches demanding the very same thing out of a doctrine of tolerance, fairness and mercy for the Arabs and the Palestinians.

This is precisely the land God gave to Abraham and set aside for his descendants for all time. And, God has warned that those who go against his descendants [those that curse Abraham], He will come against and judge [they will be cursed]. We must understand that peace with the world means war with God.

You can clearly see, God’s pattern of dividing, selecting, and electing has never ended; we are living in one of those defining and dividing moments of God. And, part of that dividing and separating process God is using is based around each person’s answer to a single question: where do you stand on Israel?

And, like it or not, we must choose one side or the other. We can choose to obey God and honor His covenants and His Torah having peace with Him, or we can stand with the world and the apostate church. Standing, [i.e. grafting into the stick of Ephraim] with Israel [the whole house] is standing with God. Not standing with Israel is standing with the world and against God.

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  1. This world is so against God and all He stands for, and it doesn’t matter where you look, or where you stand, if it is not with YHWH, you are standing with the world IN SIN! When I learned about the Catholic church, and how they have changed the Word of God to suit they’re own Pope’s policies – even to the translation of the Word of God, the Holy Bible, they did it using the group of scholars from King James law. The Catholic church has it’s ugly claws around every protestant church there is. And all their myths and ghost stories are incorporated into what we Christians have always thought was true and Holy. This truth has colored Christianity down through the ages, and has left us pitifully shy of God’s truth. We either stand with Him, or we stand with them – there is no riding the fence. We either stand with His banner of truth or stand with their shameful bag of lies. We must pray that YHWH will show us His whole truth, and teach us how to follow Him, and leave the world behind – then we must proceed to follow Him and mind all His laws (they were meant for all of us – not just the Jews), and they were meant for now and forever not just when God formed man, and taught him the laws and principals He expects us to follow, to talk about, to model, to love, and to form us into the people He can and will use to bring honor and glory to His Precious Name.

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