Whom do you follow?

There are only two laws set before humanity, one from YHWH and one from Satan. The law of the one opposes the other; and that one which we keep determines who it is we worship and are servant thereof. 

Profession of allegiance, no matter how vehement, does not cry louder than the actions we put forth as evidence. James tell us this when he pens “faith without works is dead”. 

While people may lay verbal claim to the faith in YHWH, they may well be simultaneously obeying the laws of Satan becoming his subjects and to him all prayers and praises this flow.

It is in the various sensual and intellectual occupations and delights, the countless ways of killing precious time that he has provided, that obscure our thoughts and goals of deeper connection with YHWH. 

While the modern era song tells us “time keeps on slipping into the future” we miss the truth that the the here and now is all we can make use of, and that, in reality time keeps slipping into the past. When will people realize they have never regretted something of the future only those things of the past?

Paul tells us to lay aside those things in the past and to press on towards righteousness. What things, what people, what toy is wasting away your here and now and stealing your precious time, your precious praises and your precious prayers to the infinite God of creation?

Whom do you follow? 

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