The here and now or the hereafter?

Philippians 1:10 That ye may approve (G1381 to test and prove) things that are excellent (G1308 different or tossed about); that ye may be sincere (G1605 tested as genuine) and without offence (G677 not led into sin) till the day of Christ.

Ponder this statement for a moment, better yet for the day!

The real question is this: Are you testing things to see if they differ from the instructions of God?

So much so that you are willing to test the translators of the Scriptures? …. after all ..they were mere men

taking this one verse alone it would appear to the untrained eye to mean that we are to give approval to a doctrine or tradition because it was of more value ……and that being earnest in actions and unoffensive to our friends was the call of humanity until the end….

or …what is it really saying…. dont fall for what the crowd believes to be religious just because it is widely spoken of, rather you yourself seek out what is Gods instruction so you can live a blessed life until you can live a glorious life!

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