The Beginning and the End

The aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew …. we can see it is the combination of two opposing ‘yod’ symbols balanced equally with a ‘vav’ symbol …. in the paleo or pictographic language the yod is the representation of a hand and the vav is a nail.

We can interpret this as the nail that went through the hands is the beginning – as did the disciple John wrote in his gospel. Likewise we can see the Mighty hand of the Father with the Saving hand of Yeshua separated by the nail.

In revelation Yeshua proclaims that he is “the “aleph” and the “tav” and the tav is the last letter of Hebrew. In Paleo hebrew the tav is shown as two crossed sticks and means mark, signal or monument.

Yeshua is the mark of our salvation, the mighty hand that brings us out of the world and its bondage.

How amazingly complete is our Bible! I stand in Awe!

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