Pathways to war … pt.4B

Pathways to war … pt.4B
The Napoleonic wars were a long and trying experience for the British. Therefore, when on February 21, 1814 a man wearing the uniform of a British military officer showed up at an inn on the coast of the English Channel announcing that the war was over, that a party of Cossacks had killed Napoleon, and that the Bourbon government was restored, everyone who heard the news was ecstatic.

Swift horses were dispatched to speed the news to London. In the capital people rejoiced, and jubilant investors bid up the stocks on the London exchange. Then the bad news arrived. Napoleon was still alive. The report of his death had just been a hoax.

In the investigation that followed, a scheme to manipulate prices on the London stock exchange was uncovered. Some circumstantial evidence indicated that a popular military and political hero called Lord Thomas Cochrane had masterminded the plan. He was arrested, tried, and imprisoned. The true benefactor in this charade was A.M. Bauer, a rich banker from Germany, called the Red Shield, who financed both sides of the war.

If you are looking for A.M. Bauer in your high school world history book you will spend much time with little result. What you will find is Amschel Mayer Rothschild. Amschel’s father Amschel Moses [Bauer] Rothschild changed their last name from Bauer, because of the Anti-Semitism at the time in Germany, to Rothschild, which is German for “red shield” and an old symbol of their ancestors… which now it represents the cartel of the global banking elite and Federal Reserve. [2]

At the age of 34 (the year 1811, 4 years before the battle of Waterloo) he began loaning money to pay for Wellington’s troops (Napoleon’s opposing force) and later secretly began loaning money for Napoleon’s troops. His four brothers helped co-ordinate activates across the continent, and the family developed a network of agents, shippers, and couriers to transport gold and information across Europe. By their father’s order, family members even intermarried with first and second cousins, keeping the company sealed tight against outsiders.

Notice Rothschilds photo and the Hidden Hand.

“As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world.” Nathan Meyer Rothschild [3]


But it gets even better than that. This private intelligence service enabled Nathan to receive in London the news that Napoleon lost at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the government’s official messengers. With this knowledge, Rothschild decided to publicize false rumors that tricked the London Stock Exchange into believing that Napoleon had won. He even started selling his English stocks, causing others to do the same in a frenzy to get rid of their “worthless English money.”

The resulting Stock Market crash enabled Rothschild’s agents to then buy up the London Stock Market dirt cheap and seize control of the Bank of England right before London found out the truth about the battle. Since that time, the English have been paying their national taxes directly to the Red Shield private bankers, (i.e. Rothschild Family) while the majority of their people have no clue… and yes, this is still going on till this day.

The Rothschild brothers repeated the exact same fraud in 1929, but this time with the New York Stock Market Crash that caused the Great Depression. It took them until this time to fully gain control of America, but they tried even before this. Their goal was nothing less than to end the American Dream of free men, and eventually they were successful. Every man and women till this day after all is faced with the exact same consequences of England’s people… paying their hard earned money through taxes to the Red Shield, or should I say Federal Reserve.

This same tactic has overthrown every independent governmental monetary system since that time. Rothschild is quoted as follows “Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!” Rothschild was appointed the position of comptroller of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, their finances and property holdings which came to be the most prosperous church in history.

Amschel Moses Rothschild, written also Anschel (23 February 1744 – 19 September 1812), was a German Jewish banker and the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Referred to as the “founding father of international finance,” Rothschild was ranked seventh on the Forbes magazine list of “The Twenty Most Influential Businessmen of All Time” in 2005. [4]

Amschel’s father had a business in goods-trading and currency exchange. He was a personal supplier of coins to the Prince of Hesse. Rothschild secured an apprenticeship at the banking firm of Simon Wolf Oppenheimer taught Rothschild useful knowledge in foreign trade and currency exchange.

Rothschild’s coin business grew to include a number of princely patrons, as well as, established governments like Britain for the hiring of Hessian mercenaries during the French Revolution. We can see immediately that Rothschild had learned the ‘golden rule’, that being – he who has the gold makes the rules!

In 1810, Mayer entered into a formal partnership agreement with his three eldest sons. The youngest son Jacob was sent to Paris in 1811, enhancing the family’s ability to operate across Europe. Nathan Mayer Rothschild was sent to England while Eldest son Amschel Mayer took over the Frankfurt bank.

Rothschild became a Papal Knight and under the direct command of the Pope, numbering some 3,000 strong these men form the administrative body for the Jesuit Order (in Latin meaning “society of Jesus”) The Papal Knights consist of at least four factions, dressed in armor and white hooded robes, and equipped with large-caliber rifles fitted with silver halberds and bayonets. They gathered under the command of Archbishop in attempt to wipe out England entirely of its Protestant population and as an act of revenge against society.

During a reorganization of the Papal orders in 1905, Pope St. Pius X rendered the Supreme Order of Christ as the most senior of Papal honors, separating the Order from the Order of St. Sylvester, and establishing it as the Order of the Golden Militia.  In modern times the order has only one class, Knight, and its membership has been restricted to one hundred knights throughout the world. [5]


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