Pathways to War …pt. 1

Having been reminded on more than one occasion the topics of “Politics, Sex or Religion do not make for good conversation in mixed company”, yet, people can scarcely avoid these when talking about the world of war. Wars have been fought purely on these very topics since the dawn of time.

The Bible describes the sons of Jacob killing the men of Shechem for raping their sister, while the secular writer Homer tells of the massive battle over Helen of Troy. Wars have been fought for monarchy, as well as, the freedom from monarchy. There were wars started by Communist, Marxist, Fascists, Socialist as well as those of the Democratic persuasion. Moreover, we see a common theme of wars, both for and against, the beliefs of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Catholics.

The reminder of the taboo conversations topics may well have been to avoid a massive war at the dinner table or maybe even on a grander scale the whole world! Keeping all this in mind we will most definitely speak of the taboo topics when it comes to the wars that lead to the American Revolution and every war since then.

Before anyone sends email, text, letter or comment claiming I have antisemitism or have sided with one faction or another, stop and ask yourself why you are considering it. I hold no dislike for Semitic people. This research will expose several issues, the people behind them and their own political and religious backgrounds. This should fall into the category of “don’t shoot the messenger”.

My original question to people was “who would like to know what lead to WW1, WW2 and every war thereafter?” This is the content of this series, which oddly enough, would expose the same type of information for every war prior to those as well.

‘All the worlds a stage’ and as such let’s set the stage for Great War or World War 1 which begins immediately after the American Revolution. Just like Broadway there are several ‘actors’ that are required to make the show successful, similarly, like any good play that continues to bring a crowd, the show must go on.

The musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber was the 4th longest running play in Broadway’s history. There was only one actress, Marlene Danielle, who performed in the production for its entire run from 1982 until 2000. The remainder were interchangeable and only required willing participants. War and global manipulation is the very same.

The only role to be filled for the entire performance will be the leading man – Lucifer. He is behind all the agenda, deception and craftsmanship of delivering hatred and death to humanity. The supporting actors are as follows: Rothschild’s/Money, Freemasonry, Religion, Zionism, Esoteric Enlightenment/Illuminati and Public Deception/Magic.

The people attaching themselves to this global agenda propagate ‘the end justifies the means’ mentality. They sell themselves as do-gooders with slogans like:

  • “People who change the world need the tools to do it!” (NTEN)
  • “Smart policy. Sound science. Stronger communities” (Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • “Finding the ways that work” (the Environmental Defense Fund, which is committed to taking on environmental issues with persistence and innovation)
  • “Grounded in tradition . . . open to the spirit” (Memphis Theological Seminary)

With slogans like these we have to ask ourselves questions, like “what exactly do they want to change?” and “who does the change benefit?” What ‘science’ are they going to use and which ‘spirit’ are they listening to?

The answers we will find is that they want the change, any change for their own benefit and not yours. The science is as old as Lucifer and he is the spirit they are following.

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