Fracturing the Faith … Vol 26

Christian theologians … part 2

There is little reason to believe that Scofield knew or even cared about the Zionist movement originally, but at some point, he became involved in a close personal and secret relationship with Samuel Untermyer. Samuel Untermyer was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, moved to New York City, was educated at the College of the City of New York and received his LL.B. from Columbia Law School in 1878. He was also a prominent Zionist leader and the first attorney to earn a million dollars on a single case. As an active Zionist, Untermyer was also an able advocate for the Zionist liberation movement, and was President of the Keren Hayesod, the agency through which the movement was conducted in America.

Untermyer took an active part in preparing the Federal Reserve Bank law, he was adviser to the U.S. Treasury Department regarding the interpretation of the income tax and the excess profits tax laws after America entered the Great War (WW1).


Untermyer controlled the unbreakable thread that connected him to Scofield through a shared password at the common watering hole ‘The LOTOS Club’. All appearances indicate Untermyer provided the money Scofield lacked to produce the creation and production costs. Scofield’s success as an international bible editor without portfolio and his lavish living styles in Europe could only have been accomplished with financial aid and international influence which Untermyer possessed.

Untermyer got Louis Dembitz Brandeis elected to the United States Supreme Court. Louis Dembitz Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky, to Jewish immigrant parents from Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic), who raised him in a secular home. He attended Harvard Law School, graduating at the age of twenty with the highest grade average in the law school’s history. Brandeis became a recognized lawyer through his work on progressive social causes.

Brandeis became active in the Zionist movement, helped to create the Federal Reserve System and presented ideas for the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Unlike the majority of American Jews at the time, he felt that the re-creation of a Jewish national homeland was one of the key solutions to antisemitism and the “Jewish problem” in Europe and Russia, pressuring then President Woodrow Wilson into World War 1, this after Wilson’s promise to keep America out of the war. The key was an unfulfilled promise to acquire Palestine for the Jewish nation.

He embarked on a speaking tour in the fall and winter of 1914–1915 to garner support for the Zionist cause, emphasizing the goal of self-determination and freedom for Jews through the development of a Jewish homeland.

The problem with Zionism is that the covenant made to Abraham was made by YHVH and not by the hands of human efforts. Zionism deifies (makes into a god) the national state of Israel.

The Lotos Club was founded as a gentleman’s club in New York City; It was at the Lotos Club in 1906 that George Harvey, editor of Harper’s Weekly, sent up his first trial balloon by proposing Woodrow Wilson for the office of President of the United States. In 1909, with financial backing from Andrew Carnegie, the clubhouse was moved to 110 West 57th Street, in a building designed by architect Donn Barber. Harvey, Wilson, Carnegie and Barber all played parts in the agenda of the New World Order.

“…there is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” — President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson and his mentor “Colonel “Edward Mandell House, who was the major founder of the earlier American Institute of International Affairs, known today as the Council of Foreign Relations (C.F.R.).

The C.F.R. is an outer layer of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Great Britain), whose purpose was to retake the United States as a British colony, and then unite the world under British control, which is another outer layer of the Round Table Organization, which to is an outer layer of the main core of a secret establishment called the Circle of Initiates founded in 1891 by Cecil Rhodes. (John Coleman, Committee of 300) Cecil Rhodes is a known Satanic cult member, who has helped pave the way for the New World Order.

This club was connected with the Illuminati and part of an occult network, not only in the United States, but also in England. Just like Freemasonic Lodges, a person cannot apply for membership; instead someone already in the club must offers it to an outside person who wants to be a member. We now have a preacher who is supposed to be the defender of fundamental Christianity becoming a member of a secret society club. This membership was not something that Cyrus talked about when he was preaching at prophecy conferences.

Charles Caldwell Ryrie (March 2, 1925 – February 16, 2016) served as professor of systematic theology and dean of doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and as president and professor at what is now Cairn University. He is considered one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century. He was the editor of The Ryrie Study Bible by Moody Publishers, containing more than 10,000 of Ryrie’s explanatory notes. First published in 1978, it has sold more than 2 million copies. He was a notable advocate of classic premillennial dispensationalism.

Ryrie attended Haverford College, intending on following his father into a banking career. However, during his junior year, while meeting with Dallas Theological Seminary founder Lewis Sperry Chafer, Ryrie dedicated his life to Christian ministry, and left Haverford to study theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Haverford conferred his B.A. (1946) on the basis of his studies at Dallas. A year later, he earned his Th.M. (1947), and two years following that his Th.D. (1949). He went on to complete his Doctor of Philosophy (1953) at the University of Edinburgh. He also earned a Litt.D. from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, now Liberty University School of Divinity.

The point I am attempting to make strikingly clear here is the exacting nature that the modern day theologians have to the ‘Apostolic Fathers’. Not only are they generally under the same tutelage they trend to confirm each other’s thoughts about the scriptures. In this lineage we can see the attestation to Zionism and the break from the covenants to the House of Israel. This is in direct opposition to the words of the Messiah.  Matthew 15:24 “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

How can a person ascribe to the self-affirming collectivism that has been created among the Antinominalist and Dispensationalists theologies rampant in the religious community? After all we are talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel. He is the God of the Hebrews, detailed in a book about Hebrews, written by Hebrews, concerning a Hebrew Savior for a Hebrew people. The Hebrew meaning “to cross over from death to Life.”

My next few paragraphs will rub some people the wrong way possibly, but I feel it must be said.

The following list of preachers are the product of the previous theologians and the 1800 years of disinformation from the ‘Apostolic Fathers’ who teach the traditions and doctrine of men. They espouse the teaching of Sun-day worship, Easter, Christmas, and paganism intermingled in the words of YHWH. These men are either blind to the fact they are teaching half-truths, or are completely intentional in their actions, and should be prayed over to awaken them from the falsehoods of their predecessors.

Tony Evans, Chip Ingram, David Jeremiah, Hal Lindsay, J. Vernon McGee, Andy Stanley, Chuck Swindoll ,Bruce Wilkinson, and many such others.

Dealey Plaza, named after 33rd degree Freemason George Bannerman Dealey, was the site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas; of course the Dealeys were associated with it. George used his newspaper the Dallas Morning News, and his contacts within the paper industry to promote Scofield and his teachings and to screen out information that would embarrass the man.

This is standard operating procedure with the powermongers behind the scenes, and happens every day. Luciferians place their people in key positions in the media and are then able to promote their men in key positions in politics and religion, which promote certain policies and doctrines in order to direct public opinion. Illuminist newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst used his resources to introduce 33rd degree Freemason Billy Graham to the world.

Now as far as the area they selected for their mystery school, the Dallas area is sacred to Freemasonry because of its location. It is near the 33rd parallel of the 33rd degree of latitude. The number 33 is reverenced by Masons. Lucifer took 33% of the angels when he left heaven. There are 33 degrees of initiation in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The number is integral to their sacred geometry.

Dallas Theological Seminary has a periodical named Bibliotheca Sacra (‘sacred library’), which they named in honor of the world famous Gnostic library that used to exist in Alexandria, Egypt. This is the home of Origen. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia says of Origen, “He was a Platonist and endeavored to combine the Greek philosophy and Christian religion.” Plato was an initiate of the mysteries.

Christianity is plagued with naiveté when it comes to recognizing the depth that these priests of Babylon have infiltrated the church. The scriptures give us this warning in II Corinthians 11:14-15 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”



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