Matthew 8:23-24 … bay of Pigs

Matthew 8:23-24 ... bay of Pigs 23 And when he was entered into a ship, his disciples followed him. The typical ship of that day used for fishing commercially would have been 26.5 feet long, 7.5 ft wide and 4.5 ft deep. It took 5 men to operate and could hold 15 passengers. 24 And, behold, there... Continue Reading →

Matthew 8:18-22 … burying the dead

Matthew 8:18-22 ... burying the dead 18 Now when Jesus saw great multitudes about him, he gave commandment to depart unto the other side. 19 And a certain scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. 20 And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air... Continue Reading →

Matthew 8:5-13 … authority and faith

Matthew 8:5-13 ... authority and faith 5 And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion, beseeching him, 6 And saying, Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented. 7 And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him. 8 The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not... Continue Reading →

Matthew 8:1-4 …. restoration

Matthew 8:1-4 .... restoration 8:1 When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him. 2 And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. 3 And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was... Continue Reading →

Matthew 18:20 .. 2 or 3 gathered

Matthew 18:20 .. 2 or 3 gathered. This scripture verse is one of the most cliched, or what I call "Christian-ese" verses of all. People act as if they go to the grocery store with another church-goer then Jesus is there to push the cart for them. While I know without fail that the Holy... Continue Reading →

Matthew 5:14-20 …Torah = Light

Matthew 5:14-20 ...Torah = Light 14 Ye are the light (one who illuminates the truth) of the world. A city (multitude) that is set (on course) on an hill (lifted above the plain) cannot be hid. (concealed) 15 Neither do men light a candle (create a portable source of illumination of the truth), and put it under... Continue Reading →

Matthew 4:18-25… Things are getting salty

Matthew 4:18-25... Things are getting salty 18 And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. 19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers* of men. G231 ἁλιεύς halieus [ha-liy-efs'] n. a... Continue Reading →

Matthew 4:1-17 .. All Authority in Yeshua

Matthew 4:1-17 .. All Authority in Yeshua 4:1 Then was Jesus led up (guided) of the Spirit into the wilderness (desert) to be tempted (tested, enticed, and scrutinized) of the devil. 2 And when he had fasted forty (# of probation) days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred. (again here Yeshua is setting an example... Continue Reading →

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