If I could put time in a bottle…

First the disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the song... nor do I intend to make any money from this blog. And, as a matter of full disclosure: I have never asked, nor will I ask for any compensation, monetization, or gratuities from this blog. While I believe Mr. Croce penned these words... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things…

I sat with a group of men this week and we discussed the Opening chapters of Isaiah. This is a daunting task. Unraveling the depths of possibly the most prolific prophet of the Scriptures. In particular we honed in on a beautiful passage and its parallel in Psalms. And as usual, there is more! Isaiah... Continue Reading →

but Jesus fulfilled the law…

This phase "but Jesus fulfilled the law"... is a very popular phrase among Christians, particularly among those in the evangelical world. The part that gets blurry to me is their understanding of the phase. The basis of their supposition is cemented in Matthew 5:17. "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the... Continue Reading →

Just enough Jesus…

The past few months has offered up the opportunity to speak to many people about faith. Not just the people with faith in Yehovah the Creator God of Israel, moreover, there were those in the various faiths labeled as pagan or cults too. By sheer randomness, the majority fell in the evangelical or Catholic category.... Continue Reading →

A time for every thing …

First I must apologize to my regular subscribers and to anyone that we’re in the middle seats out information from this page. I have been going through somewhat of a difficult time while trying to assist a family member. I will write my thoughts on that forthcoming as I am continually discovering and unwrapping the... Continue Reading →


A Christian professor once said. "The gospel is the record of what God has done. The gospel is NOT a record of what God has done, or will do, in us. The gospel is a record of what God has done outside, or despite, of us. The gospel is about what God has done through... Continue Reading →

Thinking on 1John 3:3-6

1 John 3:3-6 And every man that hath this hope [what hope?] in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure. (an act of cleansing) Whosoever committeth sin [1] transgresseth also the law [2]: for sin [1] is the transgression of the law [2]. And ye know that he was manifested to take away our... Continue Reading →

They know not what they do… pt.2

Marcus Terentius Varro (116-27 BCE), one of ancient Rome's greatest scholars and a prolific author, defined feriae as "days instituted for the sake of the gods." Religious rites were performed on the feriae, and public business was suspended. Even slaves were supposed to be given some form of rest. I would imagine most people would respond to the previous fact with... Continue Reading →

They know not what they do…

As I sit and debate within, the compelling urge to act based on years of tradition; should I concede to the peer-pressure and parade my wife about town? After all, she is the mother of my child. Having grown up without my biological father, while simultaneously living (for a brief time) with an alcoholic and... Continue Reading →

The Depth of Shabbat

The depth of Shabbat Here are the questions: Are you firmly convinced the Sabbath is what God desires for man? And it was his personal teaching of the Sabbath that established it as a ‘forever’ situation? That it is the Sabbath that ‘marks’ us as a part of the eternal covenant? Now to discover the... Continue Reading →

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